Hungry Hungry Mongoose (nzmongoose) wrote,
Hungry Hungry Mongoose

Postapocalyptic Postman

Firefox and Livejournal have made poor bedfellows for quite a while now and I shake my fist at their constant squabbling. Grrr.

Anyway, I've been hidernating, with a great many things to get around to that have been lying stale for weeks, but for now the morning comes and that is when I slumber. Soon, though... oh yes, very soon, the revelations shall come. And they shall be mediocre, but at least I'll have scribed something.
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February 2 2008, 21:14:00 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 2 2008, 21:17:19 UTC

I've been using firefox for years now and I haven't yet experienced squabblingeries between them. :/
Just sayin'.

Revelations are always fun, even if mediocre,... but maybe that's just me and my anal fixation on anything possibly drama-esque.
Must be something on my end then. Grr.
I used to have more troubles than I do nowadays, but Ffx still doesn't recognize my nifty javascript that colorizes the scroll bar. :(

*lays a picnic basket out to lure the hibernating beast*
Does your basket have... blueberry muffins?
It even has muffin blueberries! And a luscious young girl gift wrapped in red as optional entertainment or entre.
You... you're evil! But I will accept your token of delicious treats...