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I'm not the man they think I am at home

I am here, in Christchurch, after a long trip of cramped legs and awful Christmas music. I was reminded of why I rarely get conventional fast food - at KFC I paid $9.90 for what looked like a decently sized combo only to find the burger was tiny, the type normally given to kids. Along the way we saw a UFO, which was later identified as an aeroplane.

The vampire LARP this week was, in a word, hilarious. Actually, that's untrue. It's the events that followed it that were wonderful. I got home the evening after the LARP and thought to myself "Well, that went rather well." The next day I walk in to Nexus to find out that there was a special news update about the night following that session, which includes the deaths of thousands of people, about twenty lupines, every member of My Chemical Romance, and some trees (Matt was particularly upset about that last one). Glorious.

Upon arriving home tonight I saw there had been a large earthquake in Gisbourne, which was rather surreal. My real life and roleplaying shouldn't mix like that. Then again, for most of the time the LARP has been running I was completely unsure as to whether My Chemical Romance were actually performing in New Zealand or not (even now I'm only assuming they didn't because I haven't heard any mention of it).
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