Hungry Hungry Mongoose (nzmongoose) wrote,
Hungry Hungry Mongoose

Time Travel

Get with the times people! Quit living in the past! It's 2008 here already, and yet I have been informed that some of you are still mucking about in 07! Not that you're missing much. I think New Zealand, as a nation, has given up on trying to make the New Year significant. Tonight's TV viewing only marked the event by showing a live shot to fireworks in Auckland as midnight arrived, during an ad break in the middle of a movie. The New Year arrives, people count down, the clock ticks over to 12:00, and yay, we have a brand new year. Then everyone realises that nothing is different and goes about their lives again. Most festivities are fairly trivial but that may very well be the most arbitrary of them all.

I guess I could mark the occasion by looking back at the year, but screw it. I don't care. I am a man of the present.

I've been on a Bill Bailey binge, and have found myself enchanted. I was aware of him before (originally through Black Books), but it's only over the last few days that I've really started watching his stand-up acts, and he's quickly become one of my favourite comedians. From philosophical musings to musical talent, he's a class act.
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