Hungry Hungry Mongoose (nzmongoose) wrote,
Hungry Hungry Mongoose

Pointless bitchy rant, number whatever.

I've returned from Christchurch, and while this feeling has been growing over time, I can now fully conclude that the city is a total hole. Anthony and I were discussing this tonight, and we both agreed that it's a city too large for itself. It's not a large city in the way that one thinks of New York as a city. I'm not even sure if it has any buildings above ten storeys. It's just a large expanse of suburbia with a city in the middle to support it, and there's simply not enough there for the population to really thrive on.

I feel it is a city that ignores its youth at best, and demonises them at worst. I don't necessarily think that the place hates young people, but rather they simply don't know what to do with them. It is a rather cultured city, which spends quite a bit in supporting its heritage and the arts, but the end result is that it's a city geared towards adults, and there's very little for teenagers to actually do. So these kids end up out on the street causing trouble and all the older folks wail and scream and wonder why someone else won't fix it. Teenagers exist, they sometimes act like little shits, and while I certainly don't think people should just roll over and live with it, it really feels like the citizens of Christchurch and trying to find ways to make them go away, as if they are malevolent spirits that can be banished, instead of trying to fix the problem. And the problem is that Christchurch is a boring shithole of a town that lacks the ability to properly support its population. I grew up there, and it's my home, yet my friends and family are the only reason I ever go back.

In contrast, Dunedin has the problem of a medium-sized town with the largest University in the country, so you get drunken students burning furniture and making noise at all times of the night, but they're at least recognised as a part of the population. It's small enough that you can walk anywhere important, but big enough to have places you want to go. And while Christchurch supports art in the sense that it supports paintings and craftwork, Dunedin supports art in the sense that it supports ideas and creative expression. Graffiti is a great example here. Christchurch is littered with awful tagging, but most of the graffiti I've encountered in Dunedin can actually be called street art, and some of it I've been meaning to take photos of. Meanwhile, Christchurch forks out taxpayer money to commission abstract sculptures and then places them in places where they clash horribly with their surroundings in an attempt to fill their city with art without actually being an artistic city.

That's me for now.
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