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Stuart's alive?!!!

Tonight we watched Flash Gordon. Basically, whenever we have a roleplaying night at Matt's that we don't end up roleplaying on, we watch classic movies instead. We also watched The Princess Bride, although I've seen that before, but still, any evening that involves two movies I'm willing to call productive.

We also kinda discussed character creation stuff a bit maybe.

I've been playing No More Heroes (which I coincidentally bought the day it came out), and I love it. I've also had time to play a bit of Killer 7 at Troy's place, which is also neat, so overall I'm becoming quite fond of Suda51's work. I'll admit both games have technical faults, but they make up for it with inventiveness and style. I'm willing to accept a few flaws just to experience something that breaks from the norm. Scenes like this are worth it.
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