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Don't objectify me!

I may have made it known before that I feel New Years resolutions are a load of crap. They might work fine for some people, and good for them, but to me the New Years seems very arbitrary, and I find I prefer to change whenever I feel inspired to. I've tried resolutions in the past, but they don't seem to hold.

But nonetheless, sometimes I do want to make a change in my life, and end up completely failing to. Day-to-day plans have failed me, in fact, most plans of any type have failed me, even the contingency plans. So I've decided it would be useful to instead give myself monthly goals. These will give me things to focus on and act as a motivating force while still giving myself enough leeway that I don't require every day to follow a particular regimen.

SO! By the end of April I shall:
-Finish painting all of my Trollblood Warlocks, as well as my Krielstone Bearers, as part of a long-term goal to have a fully painted army for TagCon.
-Start working on the Blender tutorials. I'd aim to finish them, except I have no idea how long they'll realistically take, but I'll definitely put the effort in.
-Go for a walk to the water reservoir at least once a week.
-Purchase a new set of drawing or writing implements to replace the ones that have disappeared.
-Upload photos to here and Facebook.
-Rewrite my painfully out of date LJ profile.

It is a simple list, I admit, but I'll add to it as I think of more, and there's not much of this month left. I figure it's a good start though. If this works out, I'll keep doing it in the future, adding ambitions to achieve. Though who knows? I've failed terribly at setting goals for myself in the past.
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