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What Happened Yesterday

The Meandering Misadventures of a Manshaped Mongoose

Hungry Hungry Mongoose
24 June
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Since my previous info was made ages ago, it's time for a new one!

I'm a slacker, a procrastinator, and very easygoing. I get over many things quickly, but some stick in my mind forever. I'm not terribly social, but I tend to warm up more over time until I'm ready to eat. I also tend to think too much. I'm almost always tired.

My favourite force in the universe is irony. As far as I'm concerned it makes life much more interesting, even if it works against me. I'd much rather have things go wrong in a fitting way than go boringly right. Otherwise it would cause me to wonder if I woke up in the right universe.

I'm an anime and manga junkie at heart. Just remember that I have a slow connection and live at the end of the world, so I may be behind a lot of people. :P Currently my number one fandom is Fullmetal Alchemist. It doesn't actually mean I think it's the best anime ever, but most of my obsessions will be directed towards it due to the characters, ideas, humour and most of all crack.

I also love games, but purely for fun. I'm not competitive and would rather lose in style than win without using skill. Games applies to many kinds: Computer games, board games, card games, wargames, roshambo, random improvisation out of boredom, whatever. It's nice to have a little sample of everything.

I'm an athiest but I'm always considering the possibility of being wrong. Most likely I'll never be religious. But it doesn't worry me if you are or not as long as you're capable of free thought.

My journal is not friends only, so if you really need to know more you could try reading it. However most of my introspective entries will be friends locked. So there is something beyond the trivial garbage.

PS: I have 50 g-mail invitations that I have no use for, if by chance you still haven't gotten one.

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And then the tiger jumped out at them!

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